Photography by Erwin Voogt

Quatorze Juillet 1989. The Bicentenaire of the French Revolution.
A huge celebration during the day, total anarchy during the night.
Luckily it was a warm night, so those who had to sleep on the street
only had to fear the gangs, not the cold.
Date: 14 July 1989, before sunrise.
Equipment: fujichrome 400, Olympus OM40, Zuiko 50 mm F1.4.
Paris skyline
Paris, capital of France.
Founded centuries before Christ by the Gallic tribe called the Parissi.
Date: 18 November 1988, noon.
Equipment: fujichrome 100, Olympus OM40, Tokina ATX 80-200 mm F2.8.
The Alps
Europe's most famous mountain range.
Beautiful villages and fields contrast the rocky mountain peaks.
Great for hiking, skiing or eating Swiss chocolate...
Date: 18 August 1999.
Equipment: kodachrome 25, Olympus OM2n, Zuiko 24 mm F2.8.
The Alps

A mountain range east of Rome.

Date: 26 July 1993.
Equipment: kodachrome 64, Olympus OM4, Zuiko 35-70 mm F4.
Bucharest Airport
A freezing cold day and delayed for 24 hours on an airport with no fuel to heat the buildings. Only a little misery compared to the life of the people who actually live in Romania.
Date: 17 December 1991, morning.
Equipment: kodachrome 64, Olympus OM40, Zuiko 35-70 mm F4.
Bucharest Airport

An ossuary in the Czech Republic.

Date: 30 December 1993
Equipment: kodachrome 64, Olympus OM40, Tokina 17 mm F3.5.
Stonehenge in 3D
The famous stone-age megalithic monument near Salisbury, England.
The first structures date from 3100 BC, but the structures shown on
this 3D picture date from 1500-1100 BC.
Date: 6 August 1990, noon.
Equipment: kodachrome 64, Olympus OM40, Zuiko 50 mm F1.4.

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