Photo Shop

All photos can be ordered as prints or as a high resolution electronic file of the image.

Electronic file / digital copy

The slides can be scanned at 5400 DPI, resulting in file sizes up 200 MB.
Depending on the requested size and quality, the files can be send by e-mail or delivered on cd-rom. The fee depends on the use of the image, the number of copies or impression, et cetera.


Prints for non-commercial purposes can be easily ordered via OYPO.
Currently only the aerial photos are online at oypo, more will follow soon.
The costs of the prints are shown in oypo by clicking on the enlarged image.
Of course, the copyright tag will not be shown on the print.

If you like to order a print or digital copy for commercial purposes,
please send me an e-mail with your request.
Please write in your e-mail the name or link of photo(s) that you want to order. If you want to use the image(s) for a publication, please mention the details of the publication. I will contact you for ordering and payment details.

Assignments on photography, journalism or science text writing

If you like the photography and writing on this website, then also have a look at the website of Bastienne Media. Bastienne Media publishes in Dutch as well as in English. The portfolio includes publications for Chemical and Pharmaceutical organizations, newspapers, and travel magazines.

Erwin Voogt
Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands