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Route in the Middle East
Date GPS Location Story
19 April 2004 N3619'9.0"
(517 m)
A great camping spot in another so-called Byzantine dead city, close to the basilica complex of Saint Simeon. Unfortunately, a road is being built to this site, so a year from now it will be within reach of tour groups - exit camping spot for overlanders with a 4WD.
Dutch: "90 percent just pays, only 10 percent are like you!"
18 April 2004 N3625'59.2"
(534 m)
This is Kurdistan and that is hard to miss: the people wear Turkish pants (which the Turks themselves never wear), they have to talk to you (hello, hello) and the talking is, of course, always about how bad the Turks and the Syrians are. In response we explain that the Turks and Syrians are actually very friendly to us. But maybe that is because we don't wear those ridiculous diaper-style pants...
16 - 17
April 2004
(395 m)
Seven kilometers of covered suqs (bazaars), a huge citadel and several beautiful khans and madrasas - Aleppo is a jewel in the Middle-East.
Omayyad mosque Aleppo Info:

  • Many new waypoints of the Middle-East
  • 15 April 2004 N3620'6.7"
    St. Simeon
    (554 m)
    In the 5th century Saint Simeon spent 30 years on a small platform atop a 18 meter high column. This curious way of life attracted many pilgrims and the pilgrims kept coming also after Simeon's death on 24 July 459. Therefore, a huge complex was built in the second half of the 5th century of four basilicas meeting in a courtyard with Simeon's column. Earthquakes and muslim conquests took their toll and after 1017 the place was abandoned. However, even after 1000 years of neglect the ruins are still very impressive.
    14 April 2004 N357'49.0"
    (261 m)
    Back again in Hama. Lebanon was nice and interesting, but it was exactly the friendly atmosphere which a charming city like Hama has to offer that we missed in Lebanon.
    5 - 13
    April 2004
    (18 m)
    A visit to Lebanon without our car...
    Small (non-truck) vehicles with a diesel engine are prohibited in Lebanon!
    Dutch: In Libanon is diesel verboden... vanwege het milieu...
    30 March -
    4 April 2004
    (708 m)
    Our second trip to beautiful Damascus. We had to wait a few days to get the fuelpump of our LandCruiser cleaned at the excellent Toyota dealer in Damascus. Driving for months on low quality diesel had taken its toll.

    Some highlights of northwest Syria:

    St. Simeon St. Simeon Ain Dara
    Basilica Simeon Basilica Simeon Ain Dara

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