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Reisverhalen, grensovergangen, de auto en de opdrachten in het Nederlands

Route in Turkey
Date GPS Location Story
10 February 2004 N3642'16.4"
Border Turkey - Syria
(350 m)
For this border crossing we had to convert our LandCruiser from diesel to petrol, since Syria charges the infamous diesel tax of $100 per week. The border crossing itself was without serious hassle, but very time-consuming because they only let a few vehicles pass every few hours.
Dutch: Diesel? Liever benzine!
9 February 2004 N3651'49.5"
(370 m)
The village of Harran is famous for its beehive houses. It is now considered an open-air museum, so you have to pay to actually visit the rather grubby village.
Behram Pasha mosque, Diyarbakir
7 - 8
February 2004
(675 m)
Two beautiful medieval mosques, impressive city walls but also too many Kurdish boys saying hello, hello, hello, hello, ... Way too many.
Dutch: Opdracht 13 - verjaardag van Peter
6 February 2004 N387'59.1"
(968 m)
Hasuni is a deserted Byzantine rock village. A nice stopover on the way to Diyarbakir and Syria.
5 February 2004 N3830'10.6"
(1752 m)
Van was destroyed during WWI, but the historical castle is still intact. You can also swim in the lake, when it is not freezing...
4 February 2004 N3931'14.7"
(1870 m)
The Murat campsite was crowded in summertime, but now we were the only guests. Which was not suprising, because it was bloody cold!
3 February 2004 N3626'2.3"
Border Iran - Turkey
(1793 m)
The goodbye of Iran was a border officer who wanted a bribe of US$20 for opening the gate to Turkey. Of course, we offered him only some nasty words, but this last incident was the climax of just too many similar incidents in Iran. Very sad for all the nice people we met in this country. We were very happy to enter Turkey!
Dogubayazit Mt Ararat
Mount Ararat

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