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Reisverhalen, grensovergangen, de auto en de opdrachten in het Nederlands

Route in Iran
Date GPS Location Story
17 August 2002 N2858'37.6"
Iran - Pakistan
What do you expect from this border crossing?
We got this: only a few stamps and hassle, no vehicle search at all, free coke, free water, free food (the best food we had in two months!) and a secure place to camp also for free! Thank you, custom officers of Pakistan, also for the lots of laughs!
Dutch: Een uitgebreid verhaal over dit warme welkom in Pakistan.
14-16 August 2002 N295'26.0"
(1066 m)
The ancient mudbrick citadel of Bam is one of the highlights of Iran.
Thanks to 911 only a few tourist were walking around in the citadel.
The citadel of Bam
Sadly, this view is history.
On December 26th 2003, an earthquake destroyed the city of Bam.
You can read our eye-witness report here.
13 August 2002 N305'29.4"
(2720 m)
The trail into the mountains near Mahan continued much further. We camped on a hilltop next to a lonely wallnut tree.
No jackals this evening only a single curious sheperd.
12 August 2002 N301'1.7"
(2095 m)
We drove into the mountains near the village of Jupar.
We camped at a quiet place althought the trail ended quit soon in a narrow canyon. The constellation of Perseus was only visible after midnight, so we saw only a dozen of meteors. This was compensated by another dozen of twinkling jackal-eyes that surrounded us!
10-11 August 2002 N3017'5.8"
(1773 m)
Not the ideal place to observe the Perseids.
Tomorrow we will drive into the mountains to have a clear sky.
9 August 2002 N2923'6.1"
Bakhtegan Lake
(1571 m)
In the morning and evening this like perfectly mirrors the surrounding mountains. The broad shores during summertime are fun to drive on with a 4WD!
Bakhtegan Lake Bakhtegan Lake
8 August 2002 N2956'4.1"
(1634 m)
The capital of Ancient Persia.
Destroyed for the first time by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and now destroyed for the second time by the Iranian government who is turning the site into a lunaparc...
6-7 August 2002 N3153'36.5"
(1244 m)
Yazd is a beautiful, UNESCO-recognised, desert city.
The city is also base of the Zoroastrian religion. Being practised by many Roman soldiers, this religion was a serious competitor for Christianity. A little change in history and Zoroastrian would be the dominant religion in the world and Christianity would probably be forgotten!
Dutch: Opdracht 14: Minaret, portret van Khomeini en de Zomerdriehoek!
3-5 August 2002 N3239'48.8"
(1627 m)
The most charming city of Iran.
The main square is superb. Unique are the teahouses under the bridges. The water is running between the tables and chairs!
Due to the US anti-terrorist policy appeared to be disconnected from the credit card networks. A carpet shop with a connection via Dubay solved our money problem.
Of course, US companies like Coca Cola or Microsoft are not limited by the trading embargo!
Dutch: Opdracht 7: de 10.000 km gepasseerd!
Esfahan Esfahan Esfahan
2 August 2002 N3541'17.5"
(1233 m)
We visited the boring capital of Iran only to pick up mail. As we found out, and what was later confirmed by other travellers, Iranian mail very unreliable.
Only one package arrived, four are missing!
1 August 2002 N384'30.3"
(785 m)
The area close to the Caspian sea is very green, almost like Europe. The mountain village Masuleh has houses and streets stepped on each other. The streets are on the roofs of the houses below!
31 July 2002 N3826'12.8"
(sea level)
A "beach resort" near the border with Azerbaijan.
Here we fixed the power steering of the LandCruiser, which was damaged by an apprentice mechanic in Tabriz. The master mechanic had tighten the bolds of the head gasket and while the apprentice was sitting in the engine bay looking how it worked...
Fixing the power steering
30 July 2002 N384'30.3"
(1404 m)
The Bazaar of Tabriz still has the domed corridors that give the atmosphere of 1272, the year Marco Polo visited the city.
29 July 2002 N395'32.0"
Ghara Kelisa
(1861 m)
An Armenian church located on one of the earliest (1st century) Christian spots.
They were now cleaning the site because about 10.000 pilgrims visited the church two weeks ago.
Ghara Kelisa
28 July 2002 N3924'42.5"
Turkey - Iran
A lot of stamps, especially to get out of Turkey...
Vehicle searches are restricted to Iranians crossing the border, Westerners are treated much nicer!
Dutch: De grensovergang.

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