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Reisverhalen, grensovergangen, de auto en de opdrachten in het Nederlands

Route in Europe
Date GPS Location Story
19-20 June 2002 N4010'37.4"
Mount Olympus Took some pictures of Mt Olympus with an Olympus OM4T.
Furthermore the second Himalaya practice:
Climbing and descending a steep sand and rock trail using the low gear range. We scared sheep to death: "What is that giant sheep doing on our trail???"
17-18 June 2002 N3942'45.5"
Meteora Monasteries and rockformations, combined in one spot.
And let us not forget the swimming pool of the camping!
Dodoni Dodoni
16 June 2002 N3932'49.2"
Dodoni A beautiful situated theater dating from 320 B.C.
15 June 2002 N3929'56.0"
Igoumenitsa Greece!
We arrived early in the morning and drove straight to the beautiful beaches at Sivota. Somewhere in the late afternoon we noticed the Greece is one hour ahead of Western Europe...
14 June 2002 N4038'36.4"
Brindisi We arrived at the harbour at 17:00 assuming to obtain a reserveration for the next day. However, due to the low season we where off-shore at 21:00 the same evening!
More luck: we could sleep in our vehicle and had to pay only the minibus fare instead of the large camper fare (the Landcruiser is 2.08 meter high).
13 June 2002 N412'51.6"
Mirabella Eclano This evening there was a nice conjunction of the Moon and Venus.
Took a picture of this couple above our camping site.
The Forum Romanum St. Peter, the Vatican
The Forum Romanum
The St. Peter in the Vatican
10-12 June 2002 N4207'09.8"
Bracciano (Rome) How to visit Rome without losing your car?
Park it at a camping near lake Bracciano and take the train to Rome! It takes one hour, about 4 euros and a dive in the lake after a long day of cultural highlights is for free.
Dutch: Opdracht 8: Een setje euro muntjes met de paus kost... 320 euro!
9 June 2002 N4238'18.0"
Bolsena Ancient village and castle, nice lake and not so many tourists.
7-8 June 2002 N4348'23.4"
Fiesole Florence, Pisa and Sienna - need to say more?
5-6 June 2002 N446'23.0"
Lago di Vagli A beautiful lake with an ancient hilltop village. This time we paid nothing but had to engage the 4WD to escape from our rain soaked camping spot and collapsed trees.
4 June 2002 N4422'51.3"
Stella 20 euro for a lousy camping - welcome to Italy!.
And bad weather too...
Col du Galibier Col du Galibier
3 June 2002 N4503'51.2"
Col du
A small excercise as a preparation for the Himalaya crossing: Col du Galibier is a steep road climbing to 2645 m. In the Himalayas the highest passes are at almost twice this height...
2 June 2002 N4549'41.5"
In France we drove only on the secundairy roads because a Landcruiser is charged as a small lorry, which means a three higher toll fee than a normal car on the Route du Soleil.
1 June 2002 N4849'41.5"
Mandres Still tired from the last minute preparations we started late today and drove not further than the North of France. Of course we filled up the tanks with cheap Diesel in Luxemburg.
31 May 2002 N5204'07.6"
Utrecht Departure day!
All the furniture is stored and the car is packed. This morning we handed over the keys of our apartment to the new tenants.
Off we go first to The Hague to pick up the delayed Carnet de Passage, then to our first stop in the Ardennes, Profondeville.

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