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Route in Europe
Date GPS Location Story
31 May 2004 N52º16'26.3"
(12 m)
Sevenhunderd and thirtytwo days ago we left from this place for a drive around the corner. It is great to be home!
Normal life returns:
  • 14 June, Erwin starts working again.
  • 17 June, the LandCruiser passes the compulsory safety and environment tests (APK).
  • 13 October, we move to our new house in Lage Vuursche.
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30 May 2004 N50º16'1.8"
Mosel Ost
(389 m)
A Raststätte near Koblenz with good Bratwurst und Sauerkraut.
28 - 29 May 2004 N46º58'41.6"
(1025 m)
A beautiful valley leading to the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain.
The Alps The Alps in Austria.
27 May 2004 N45º39'46.1"
(419 m)
One of the more impressive caves of Europe.
26 May 2004 N45º40'8.1"
(412 m)
This is the place where the famous Lipizzaner horses of the imperial Spanish Riding School originate from. For amazone Bastienne one of the highlights of our trip, for me a place to read a book in the sun.
24 May 2004 N46º22'9.5"
(497 m)
The classic postcard picture: blue lake, snow topped mountains, an islet with a church and a medieval castle on a rocky cliff. Combine this and you have Bled. You can complain about the loads of tourists, but such a beautiful site only for yourself, that's not fair to the rest of the world.
23 May 2004 N46º17'19.7"
(670 m)
A beautiful lake in the shade of Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain. During our hike in the mountains it snowed! The snow-curse has not ended yet...
20 - 22 May 2004 N46º2'55.3"
(302 m)
The "beloved" (ljubljena) capital of Slovenia was founded by the Romans as Esmona, and named Laibach by the Germans in the Middle Ages. Our nickname is "Slovenian Utrecht", since it resembles our former hometown Utrecht in many ways: the size (270.000), the student population (10%) and the friendly atmosphere.
Dutch: We zijn op bezoek bij de Sloveense familie uit dit verhaal.
18 - 19 May 2004 N45º2'39.7"
(8 m)
Brrrr... even in May, swimming in the Adriatic is not a real pleasure!
16 - 17 May 2004 N44º56'53.8"
(391 m)
Lots of lakes, lots of waterfalls and lots of tourists.
15 May 2004 N44º6'55.9"
(sea level)
Not many cities look nice when it rains, and Zadar is no exception. Too bad for its historical center.
13 - 14 May 2004 N43º31'5.1"
(sea level)
Split and Trogir are both little gems within a highly industrialised area. Even after seeing so many Roman buildings in Italy, Turkey and Syria, we were impressed by Diocletian's mausoleum (now used as the cathedral of Split).
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, Croatia
10 - 12 May 2004 N42º39'42.7"
(18 m)
Ragusa, as Dubrovnik was called until 1918, is a not to be missed highlight of the Balkan. Within the medieval city walls you will find marble-paved streets and squares, beautiful fountains, palaces and monastries, and some fine churches. But the unforgettable sight is the bright red tiles of the roofs agianst the blue Adriatic.
9 May 2004 N43º20'38.8"
(65 m)
"Okay, lets try to kill our neighbours and lets destroy our historical city so that we are sure that our income from tourism will be nil for at least a decade."
This is basically what happened in 1993 in Mostar. The Croats and Muslims lived happily together for centuries until extreme paranoia rocked the city. Madness.
8 May 2004 N43º47'27.3"
Selo Zlakyca
(564 m)
The landscape of Serbia is a delight to drive through, but unfortunately we had no time for hiking. We spend the night at the farm of a friendly Serbian family near the border with Bosnia.
7 May 2004 N42º41'45.3"
(553 m)
The capital of Bulgaria is named after its 6th century Byzantine church of St. Sofia. There are several more buildings from the Roman and
Aleksander Nevski church, Sofia Byzantine eras, but we found the just one century old Aleksander Nevski church the most impressive building of the city. This church is a memorial to the 200.000 Russian soldiers who died fighting for Bulgaria's independence during the Russian-Turkish war in the 19th century.

The Aleksander Nevski church
6 May 2004 N42º8'32.8"
(1208 m)
Bulgaria's largest monastry is indeed impressive, although the buildings are not that massive. The Rila mountains offer a fine background for this charming holy place.
5 May 2004 N41º31'23.0"
(374 m)
A pittoresque village in valley with odd sand pyramids. We found the nearby Rozhen monastry rather dull.
4 May 2004 N41º56'31.9"
(402 m)
Bulgaria's second largest monastry with a 12th century church.
2 - 3 May 2004 N42º9'14.7"
(171 m)
Through Greece (to get euros from the ATM) to Bulgaria. Plovdiv was a nice suprice: pittoresque center and some remarkable Roman ruins. And for us, after almost two years of traveling, a visit to the supermarket was the greatest delight: pork meat, yoghurt with fruit, beer and spirits - all dirt cheap! The last time we ate bacon was more than a year ago!

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