Sacred places

Utrecht - Lhasa

Buddhist stupa, Nepal Buddhist cave temple, India
A buddhist stupa Dingboche in the Everest area, Nepal.
A 2000 year old Buddhist cave temple at Ajanta, India.

St. Peter in Rome Ramanathaswamy temple, India
The stunning dome of the Sint Peter cathedral in Rome.
The Ramanathaswarmy, a superb Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India.

Kungri gompa The Golden Temple, Amritsar
The Kungri gompa belongs to the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. Pin Valley, Himashal Pradesh, India.
Sunset at the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. Amritsar, India.

Orthodox church Mosque in Diyabakir
The interior of an orthodox church in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
The Ulu Cami mosque in Diyarbakir, Turkey, is build in 1091 and still in daily use.

Esfahan Amritsar
The Masjed--Emam mosque in Esfahan, Iran.
At the Gurdwaras accomodation is free for Sikh pilgrims and others. Western tourists are expected to give a donation, of course.

All pictures are taken with an Olympus OM4Ti with Zuiko lenses on Kodachrome 64,
except nr 7 and 8, which are shot with an Olympus C5050 digital camera.
The Zuiko lenses used are the wide angles 24 mm F2.8 and 35 mm F2, and the fisheye 16 mm F3.5.

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