Images of Iran

The Citadel of Bam, as it used to be.

Sadly, this view is history.
On December 26th 2003, an earthquake destroyed the city of Bam.
You can read our eye-witness report here.

Qom or Ghom, the holiest city of Iran. The most important religious buildings, however, are accessible for Muslims only.

The magnificent Masjed-e Eman mosque in Esfahan (Isfahan), build in the 17th century.

The covered bazaar of Kashan.

The desert city Yazd, with its typical wind towers or Badgirs.
Choqa Zanbil

Camping next to the Choqa Zanbil pyramid, with Orion dominating the winter sky.
Ghara Kelisa

Ghara Kelisa, i.e. the Church of St. Thaddaeus, probably founded in the 10th century. Most of the building, however, dates from the 14th century.
West Iran

The colourful area between Tabriz and the Caspian Sea.
Amir Chakmagh

A ceremony at the Amir Chakmagh mosque, Yazd.
Masjed-e Eman mosque

A lady returns from a prayer in the Masjed-e Eman mosque in Esfahan.
Teahouse in Kashan

A teahouse in the covered bazaar of Kashan.
Alborz Mountains

Driving through the Alborz Mountains, south of the Caspian Sea.

A view at the Citadel of Bam - a view of the past.

The Citadel of Bam, as it used to be.

The Citadel of Bam, as it used to be.

All pictures are taken with an Olympus OM4Ti with Zuiko lenses on Kodachrome 64 or Kodacolor Gold 100,
or with an Olympus C5050 digital camera.