Survival in Goa


The LandCruiser on the beach of Agonda

Life is tough on the beach of Agonda.
Therefore here a list of things you have to know before you set off to Goa.
Be careful out there!
Temperature during daytime
Temperature during nighttime
Temperature of the sea water
Hours of sunshine per day
1 cold 650 ml bottle of KingFisher beer
1 fresh Kingfish (a fish)
1 kilo of living chicken (incl. butchering)
Fuel for the barbecue
10 freshly baked breads delivered at your place
Baksheesh for illegal camping on the beach
Diner at a restaurant (excl. drinks)
Length of the beach (lagune) of Agonda
Number of foreign tourists in Agonda
Number of overland vehicles
Of which are German campers
1 liter of diesel
Internet via 128 kbps ISDN
0.85 euro
1.49 euro
1.06 euro
0.21 euro
0.64 euro per day
1.10 euro p.p.
2.5 km
less than 50
0.40 euro
0.64 euro per hour
Note: this information was writen in December 2002.