Infrared pictures

Photography by Erwin Voogt

These pictures are taken with the Kodak Highspeed Infrared film.
For these pictures I used an OM4 with the Zuiko 28 mm F2.8 lens and the T20 flash. An infrared filter was taped tightly onto the flash. The filter was completely black in visible light. To compensate for the low sensitivity of the silicium blue cell for IR, the ASA dial of the OM4 was set to 3200 ASA. With this setting, TTL flash gave acceptable results.
The pictures are taken in 1993 during an astronomy camp at the observatory of Puimichel, France. The right picture is taken during the exposure of an astro photograph through the telescope! The infrared flash did not influence the exposure at all, since ordinary film is insensitive to infrared.

Picture copyright owned by Erwin Voogt.
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