Uranus and Neptune

Photography by Erwin Voogt

These pictures of the planets Uranus and Neptune are taken two days apart and show the movement of the planets between the stars. By looking cross-eyed to the pictures you can obtain a "3D-image" with the tiny Neptune and the brighter Uranus leveling in front of the distant stars!
The pictures are taken on Ektachrome 400 with an Olympus OM1 and the Tokina 80-200 mm F2.8. The focal length of 200 mm was used. The exposure time was about 20 minutes. The pictures are taken in Augst 1993, just after sunset, becauses the planets were located in the constellation Sagittarius during that year.
Neptune is a tiny bluish star left from the center of the picture. Uranus is one of the brighter stars just below the center. If you don't manage to find the planets, or when you have a headache from looking cross-eyed, save the pictures to disk and switch quickly between the images with a viewing program: Uranus and Neptune will be the hopping stars!
Special thanks to Michiel Kienhuis for helping me to take these pictures.

Picture copyright owned by Erwin Voogt.
Please contact me first if you want to use any of these pictures for any purpose.